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  • Stove L - R (Extra Large, Large, Medium)

Titanium Wood Stove - Large


 Product Description


  • Burn Chamber 8.25 Tall / 8.25 Wide / 14 long 
  • Height with legs 12 inches 
  • Weight Stove body 24 ounces , Damper / legs / Storage bag 6 ounces , Pipe 2 ounces per ft 
  • Includes storage bag,  Stainless legs, damper, spark arrestor

Titanium Box Stove - Large 

Lightweight and packs flat for easy carry, with a roll up pipe, this Titanium box stove can really keep you warm when it's cold outside. Suitable for winter conditions in 6 person tents and smaller and great for shoulder seasons in an 8 and 12 person tipi's. This stove includes a damper to help regulate burn time, and since it is relatively airtight it burns very well. 

Includes integrated Draft Intake Control and 5.5 of stove pipe 

See Lead Times and Stock list for delivery time http://store.seekoutside.com/lead-times-and-stock-list/


Made in the U.S.A from the best materials sourced both domestic and globally 


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  1. Great Product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Jan 2015

    I use a Evolution 4800 with a base talon up in the Lost Creek Wilderness alot. I was originally concerned if the stove would fit inside the pack bag. I was hoping the stove would fit in the base talon. It did fit fine inside the pack bag. My sleeping bag goes first and then the stove in its storage bag. I pack around the stove in its storage bag and so far so good. Just don't sit on your pack when taking a break ;) Stove works nicely with my three man tipi tent. Put out a lot of heat for a tent that size and so long as your feeding it your going be seriously toasty even when it's creeping close to zero degrees on top of the snow. I would recommend a change to the storage bag or a upgrade. If the storage bag had clips to use it like the base talon that would be a awesome touch. Be awesome to clip in in to the back of my Evo pack like a compression panel giving me more space inside. Other then that it's pretty awesome stove for cold weather back packing.



  2. Shockingly light weight! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Nov 2014

    This weighs less than my hamoch and tarp. But unlike the hamoch and tarp it keeps me warm. You will not go wrong or regret getting one of these!

  3. 7 degrees and a foot of fresh snow 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th May 2014

    Took my large size titanium wood stove and my Big Agnes flying diamond 8 tent into the Rocky mountain Front last November for elk hunting. what a great way to put out heat fast. Used it for cooking and heating. I attached a homemade rack to the upper side as a drying and warming rack and it worked great. I put a piece of carbon fiber welders mat under the stove to protect the nylon floor and that worked well. After a week in this weather and lots of fires, stove still works like new. I also fabricated a sliding damper to control the intake air and this really helped hold the fire under control.

  4. Ti stove review 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Apr 2014

    The stove kicks out the heat and is nice and light, but the exhaust hole from the top of the stove needs to be reinforced. The damper and screen are also kind of weak, but I also have a 8 foot pipe for my tipi tent and maybe too much for the stove I bought...so that is something to take into consideration. The service was very professional and responded to my email promptly. So good company but the product needs some tweaking.

  5. Renewable resource 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Apr 2014

    I bought this stove as my first wood stove and I love using fire for cooking. However, an open fire even for bushcraft requires a lot of calories to do what you need to and you will never be able to keep it going like a stove. This is going to be a long review as there are many points about this stove from a self-reliance or wilderness living standpoint that make it well worth it. First, although i have not tried similar weight and design stoves from titanium goat or kifaru, I am confident in saying this is the best for a lightweight portable stove. This is indispensable canoe camping or camping with a conveyance of some sort. Seek outside is the brand and I love titanium products because they are so heavy duty and so lightweight.
    Next, looking at how the stove burns from my test trial in my backyard today as I just received the stove today, this is by no means a comprehensive review and this is also my first wood stove, so I am no wood stove expert at all. The components are well made and fit together easily, however the spark arrester comes loose somewhat, but the damper keeps it from falling out of the chimney or anything like that. Also, I assumed the rings around the chimney should be placed every foot because I got a 9 foot chimney and received 9 titanium rings. However, I will be buying more and placing them approximately every half foot because I noticed smoke coming out of the chimney sides so a few extras is, in my opinion, a very good idea if for nothing else so you have extras in case you lose some.
    The size of the large stove is, in my opinion perfect for my needs and will easily do all cooking for 1 to 2 people and the extra 2 inches compared to the medium stove is also essential as it allows less firewood split and longer intervals. The medium stove is not something I would want as it is just too short. This is the right size for the weight.
    Next, if your like me and have never owned a wood stove you will need to practice with it and tinker with the damper and stove door and DO NOT let much smoke out of the chimney as I made this mistake my putting in semi wet wood and a few times fire came out of the chimney. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND if you have never used a wood stove that you become very familiar with it before using it in a tent. I used mine without a tent and I am sure glad because I would have almost certainly ruined a tent with my chimney fire and sparks coming from the chimney. Also, thus far I have found it easier to regulate air flow with the door and just leave the damper open. Another note is that the door and all titanium products cool quickly, so I was able to remove the door and a few minutes later it was cold, which is nice. I learned quickly that wood should be VERY dry, don't bother burning wood that is not very dry it will make the chimney sooty in no time. After my test today, I used steel wool on the inside of the chimney and it is as good as new. This is not like turning on your stove obviously, but with practice, cooking all meals on this stove should be no problem.
    Also a note on Seek Outside's claim that these stoves will not keep tents warm all night. I believe, but have not tested, that by removing the bottom of the stove and putting the stove on the ground and digging a hole, you should be able to extend the depth of the stove to your needs to make it hold a load of wood that should last all night. This is another great feature of this stove that I have to point out. Then the bottom can then be used for a warming tray.
    I am adding details of my experience and my observations to give a possible buyer a good idea of what to expect from this stove as a wood stove is a big investment and if your on a tight budget, there is no room for stoves that do not meet your needs. Next, the flatness of the stovetop is good and you can push it around to make it flatter so that it cooks food and boils water faster with more surface contact, which is important for efficient cooking. However, because the titanium is thin, you will have to find the flattest areas on the stove to get the best surface contact, which I have found is near the edges and not directly in the middle of the stove.
    The damper piece is a little tricky to get to fit snug into the stove, so you need to bend it and the stove opening to get a good fit as one spark in a silny tent will give you a hole for sure. Also, although i have not purchased the accessories (rain cap, damper for stove holes, and warming tray), I will be soon as they are worth extra weight in a pack for what they do for you. Keep in mind that my review is for those who need a lightweight stove that can fit in a conveyance such as a pack wheel (look at the website you backpackers) and these are entirely unimportant to those with a homestead who can buy a 50 pound wood stove. If your on the move backpacking this large stove will save you many calories and you can use a renewable resource instead of carrying alcohol burners and other non-renewables that you will run out of.
    Next, the customer service is great and these folks at Seek Outside will take care of you and I am very grateful and pleased to support a business like this. As other reviewers have said some instructions and tips included would be nice, but it doesn't take long to figure this stove as far as assembly.
    Again, extra rings for the chimney are a very good idea.
    Next a few words on titanium. This is the best material for pots, pans, utensils, stoves, and dental implants haha ( got some titanium in my mouth as well). I can't say anything bad about titanium and I think even a cast iron stove is less durable in design despite the thickness. Also, the color it turns is BEAUTIFUL and while this may sound insignificant, I really like the blue and purple color you get when you heat titanium it just looks really cool, not to mention its never going to corrode. There is a reason why you get a lifetime guarantee with this stove and its that titanium is tough and if you buy this stove your heating and cooking bill will cost you as many hours as it takes to harvest firewood. Pay once for this quality stove and you will never buy another one.
    Another important point is that in summer time in an area like mine in Pennsylvania, this stove is not needed to heat a shelter, so it can become multifunctional as you can build a cold smoke shack and use the stove to smoke meat. This is just another thing that makes this stove indispensable for long-term trips to the woods.
    Before buying this stove I looked all over Youtube and read the previous reviews here and information was simply lacking on exactly what your getting so I am trying to clear this up for future buyers so you will not have to envision the stove and try to figure out with little information what this stove is capable of hence my long and detailed review of each component.
    If you don't have a tent like me, just build a tall tripod to hold the chimney steady and secure the chimney to the tripod with picture hanger wire and be sure the chimney does not touch the tripod lashings.
    I can't say enough good things about this stove and the small problems I found with the spark arrestor, chimney rings, and no instructions are no big deal. Titanium goat is too small and not nearly as versatile and I believe (may be wrong) kifaru stoves are not titanium and even if they were, they do not look to be designed this well. There is another stove company four dogs, which appears to have very nice stoves but the weight and inability to be collapsed make four dogs stove difficult to pack in certain situations.
    I hope my review has persuaded some people to buy this stove who were comparing companies. I do not work for Seek Outside, I just support quality, well-built items. A note to Seek Outside, if possible as additional accessory of a 90 degree turn of stove pipe coming from the spark arrestor piece would make it possible to turn this stove into a cold smoker while still being able to use the stove upright for cooking. Also, a small titanium water container (a gallon or two) that can be attached to either side by the top screws would be a great addition and add to the modularity and capability of the stove. Keep up the great work Seek Outside!

  6. Really heats the tent 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Feb 2014

    This stove really cranks out heat. I set it up in my Golite tent with an outdoor temp of +/- 30 degrees F. Within 10 minutes I had to open the door as it so warm inside. With some trial and error I was able to dial it in to be comfortable.

    The stove is really well made and not difficult to set up. The only tough part was the stove pipe set up for the initial burn. Had to get help to roll it out. After that the pipe rolls out very easy. I would highly recommend getting the utility tray to use as a snow platform. The stove melted down the snow/ice which made it a challenge to keep the stove level. Great customer service and be sure to wear gloves as they recommended.

  7. Winter camping enhancement 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Jan 2014

    This is a great easy to use product. It only takes a couple of minutes to assemble and disassemble. I just got home from a 3 day winter camping trip in the Canadian Rockies and this little stove kept me nice and warm in my BCS in sub zero weather.
    I did use a piece of tin foil to block all of the vent holes to slow the burn rate and would just open the door a little if I needed more draft. By using the stove in this configuration it would burn for almost 3 hours without adding wood.
    I would definitely recommend this stove.

  8. Well Worth the Money 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th May 2013

    I have the large stove and i couldn't be happier. I was looking at their competitors stoves and they were lower grade material and charge more. These stoves give you what you need and then some. Lightweight, and as packable as it gets, you can't go wrong with this. The ONLY thing i don't like is the sliding door. Expansion must cause it to get stuck a little because it slides perfectly when it is packed (and cooled). Maybe a hinge would be better? Either way it's a great product. AND not to mention they have seriously good customer service. Angela, or whatever her name was (co-owner), is worth just calling to talk to. Oh, and one more thing. The stoves ship super fast, even if they are being built to order cause their competitor was going to take 5 weeks to ship mine. I had mine from SO within 5 days. They're the way to go. Period.

  9. Lightweight wonder 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Feb 2013

    I have just received the stove, assembled it and burned it in for the first time. Assembly is intuitive, although having watched the online video was helpful. The stove draws well and cranks out the heat. The door slides easily but tends to fall out of the track when you open it to put in wood. I'm not sure a hinge would work on such a lightweight design. The door "handles" work great. I'm looking forward to using it in the field. Re: the stove pipe: Heed the video and enlist help! I managed to roll it the first time solo, but it was a chore. Suggestion: Include printed instructions for reference, just in case.

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