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Our high performance, lightweight backpacks utilize the Evolution Articulating Suspension ™ which is capable of being fully supportive with weights well above 100 lbs (users have reported carrying up to 160 lbs in the field), yet comfortable with low to moderate weights. Our highly effective, yet direct design reflects our belief that the backpack itself should be purpose built to perform. We are confident that no other pack on the market offers the same balance of load carriage, ease of use, adaptability, and build quality as our line of Made in the U.S.A backpacks

Lightweight BackPack Features: 

  • Comfort across a wide range of loads: This is due to the way our patent pending articulating frame, hipbelt and harness work together. 
  • Adjustable frame height: Simple adjustments allow the frame to be easily matched to the user and the task 
  • Micro-adjustable harness: You can adjust it while it is on you. No measuring needed 
  • Several backpack bag designs and styles:  All pack bags use a common suspension. This means you can change out pack bags for different purposes and use the same suspension which saves you money in the long run.
  • Waterproof forever XPAC fabrics:  Rain covers are an example of an overly complicated concept that does not work well. Our pack desings and fabric choices simply do not need a rain cover. Seam sealing will make the pack bag submerssion proof. 
  • Highly adaptable: Why have a pack for every outing when one pack can adapt to most of them ?
  • Made in the USA 

Our BackPack Platforms: 

  • Unaweep – The Unaweep is purpose built to deliver ultralight performance. The Unaweep is a no-holds-barred ultralight pack that can haul monster loads. The Unaweep features an integrated suspension and packbag, so the pack cannot be used without a packbag, however pack bags and talons are interchagable, as well as lids. Since these are integrated, they are generally 8 ounces lighter than comparable Evolution configurations. Several different style Unaweep bags are available. 

  • Evolution  - The Evolution is the most adaptable ultralight backpack ever designed. It features a modular suspension with removable packbags, meaning you can use the suspension without a packbag as a freighter frame, or switch between different size packbags for summer and winter use. The suspension can be used as a dry bag hauler and as such it excels as a canoe or pack rafting backpack.Unaweep packbags are easily swapped out, but to switch from a Unaweep to an Evo requires the Evo suspension components. 

Please note: it is possible to use the same harnes, belt and framing in all of our backpack platforms.

Pack Bag Styles:

  • Divide: The Divide is a fully integrated UL design with adaptability to allow you configure for your needs. Compression is built into the bag, but it can still accept a floating compression such as a Talon. 
  • Exposure: The Exposure is panel loader that provides near full bag zipper access. Designed with the photogrphaer in mind the top portion is shaped around lens cases. Compression is built in to the bag. Includes a rear pocket for handy items 
  • Standard Roll Tops: Available on both Unaweep and Evo suspensions , these are a basic roll top design with optional side zipper. These work best when coupled with Talon compression panels 


Overview Video of a Unaweep: 

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Pack Bulder: 

Pack Builder contains most of the options you need for the model. If you would like to call us for advice please do. 

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Made in the U.S.A from the best materials sourced both domestic and globally 

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